Gatwick Airport is London’s second largest airport and seconds in United Kingdom. In 2008 was world’s 28th busiest airport in term of passengers and 9th busiest in terms of international passengers. It is the world’s busiest single runway international airport.
About 90 airlines operate from Gatwick’s two terminals serving around 200 destinations.
The airport is also the departure point for many charters and flights to secondary destinations.
On 9th June 1958 Her Majesty Queen officially opened Gatwick Airport with one existing terminal. The North Terminal was official opened in 1988.
Gatwick Airport provides a wide range of facilities including those for business, children and disable travellers.
There is a free Transit Train, 24h a day linking North and South Terminal.
There are plenty of coaches, taxis and regular trains, including Gatwick Express. Alternatively there are plenty of airport parking, car hire providers and airport hotel nearby.
It takes around 60-70 min to get to Central London by road. Gatwick Airport is at Junction 9 of the M23 motorway and on the A23 Brighton to London road.

Different airlines operate from different terminals; some of the major airlines are:

North Terminal: easyJet, Emirates, TUI Airways (formerly Thomson), Virgin Atlantic
South Terminal : British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Norwegian, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Vueling

Gatwick Express is a high-speed, non-stop rail service operating between London Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport. Trains operate every 15 minutes from 5AM to 11:45PM (from London Victoria Station),


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